Homeschool Horsemanship Classes are offered in the spring and fall. Classes are three hours long one day per week for 6 weeks. We try to offer multiple day options as demand requires. 

The goal of the Horsemanship Classes is to provide a safe and fun experience with horses introducing kids to basic horse care, knowledge of equipment, terminology and a solid riding foundation so they can go on to have a lifelong appreciation of the horse. Riding lessons will be conducted in a fully enclosed arena at the walk and trot only teaching students correct position in the saddle and control of their horse. Riding style will be an internationally accepted seat and riding cues ensuring students will have future success with any saddle style they find themselves riding in.

Each class day includes basic care of the student's assigned horse, brushing and saddling, a riding lesson, an unmounted lesson in "Horsemanship" learning topics such as equipment, color patterns, management, feeding, vet care and many more! Students also receive a workbook to take home at the end of the class with daily worksheets supporting the lessons for that day.

We offer multiple levels of classes so riders can continue their education and progress in their riding. 

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