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5 Winter Riding Tips

Enjoying your ride on a brisk winter day IS possible IF you are prepared!

Tip #1


Thermals under your clothes and/or fleece leggings make a HUGE difference in maintaining warmth while still being breathable.

A wind break layer will do more to keep the cold out and the warm in. With so much technology available they don't have to be bulky!

Tip #2

Good socks and footwear!

100%, thick wool socks still rein supreme when it comes to warm feet! Waterproof insulated boots are a must for mud and snow!

Tip #3


This one can be tricky with so many options available. Often a thin glove under a good working glove can keep your hands warm but be prepared to take at least the top layer off to fasten buckles etc.

Tip #4

Artificial Hand & Foot Warmers

Simply put these can be life changing! Warm hands and feet make all the difference. Holding the warmers on walk breaks and then tucking them in your pockets for harder exercises keeps the whole body cozy!

Tip #5


Helmets are always a must but that doesn't mean you have to freeze! A thin hat or hood will often fit under your helmet but be sure there aren't any unnecessary pressure points and that the helmet still sits down around your head not on top. Most ear muffs can also be used. A neck gator is fantastic to pull up over your nose to keep your face and neck warm.

Finally know your limits! Temperatures under 25°F especially if the wind chill is worse is just not enjoyable for the riders and can even be hard on the horse's lungs. Be aware of the effort your horse is exerting, try not to get them sweaty. And always be aware of super muddy or icy ground so nobody slips!

Happy Riding!

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