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First Lesson, What to Wear?

Proper attire is very important for the comfort and safety of the rider. What should a rider wear for their first lesson at Blackhawk Equestrian?

Riders should be comfortable and able to move freely while in the saddle. Proper layers for the day and extra layers available if a thunderstorm rolls in should include a regular length, comfortably fitted t-shirt or long sleeve shirt. No mid-drift showing or excessively baggy tops. Any outer layers with zippers must be zipped up, no flapping clothing! Dresses even with leggings under are not acceptable.

There should be no skin showing below the waist. Riding pants are great but leggings are a close second! Two layers of leggings on chilly days work quite well. Jeans are always acceptable but do have a tendency to bunch up, rub and pinch. Tall socks to cover the ankles are a must.

We accept most fully enclosed shoes including an old pair of tennis shoes for the first rides. Anyone looking to ride regularly should invest in a decent pair of authentic "paddock boots" and half chaps or tall boots. Cowboy boots are acceptable but do fall below the saddle flaps and can pinch the leg. Fashion riding boots often have zippers in poor places to ride. Any boots should have a heel of approximately 1/2" but not more than 1". Absolutely no flip flops, crocks or high heels.

Gloves are an excellent addition year round. All riders must wear an approved SEI/ASTM riding helmet less than 5 years old. Blackhawk has a good selection available for the first 10 rides. Thin beanie hats not interfering with the fit of the helmet are acceptable. A bottle of water is always a good choice particularly on a warm day!

Riders not dressed properly for the ride may need to reschedule. Check the weather prior to heading out for your ride so you can fully enjoy your time on a horse!

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